Media discuss divorce Chulpan Khamatova and Alexander Shein

СМИ обсуждают развод Чулпан Хаматовой и Александра Шейна Journalists report that a famous actress and public figure broke with the chosen one. Themselves Khamatova and Shane prefer to refrain from comments about his personal life. Despite the breakup with his wife, Alexander continues to take care of the General S daughter.
СМИ обсуждают развод Чулпан Хаматовой и Александра Шейна

That in relations Chulpan Khamatova and Alexander Shein, not everything went smoothly, rumors go a long time. However, at the end of October, the media reported on the divorce of actress and Director. According to some, an artist and public figure a free woman now. Very Khamatova prefer to refrain from comments about his personal life, wanting to keep it secret from the public.

It is not known when Khamatova and Shane decided to terminate the marriage. Speaking about the new film “Makowski”, which was presented at the festival “Territory”, the couple decided to refrain from official statements about his personal life. Khamatova has played a major role in interdisciplinary project Shane dedicated to the famous poet. Chulpan got the role of Mayakovsky’s lover Lili Brik.

“I am very to her, because he tortured her,” said the Director about Khamatova some time ago.
СМИ обсуждают развод Чулпан Хаматовой и Александра Шейна

In the picture Shane also starred Lyudmila Maksakova, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Michael Efremov and Evgenie Mironov. “A look at key moments the fate of Vladimir Mayakovsky through the prism of the present,” reads the abstract of the proposal. Work on it lasted for about 10 years.

By the way, Chulpan Khamatova appeared at the opening of the festival in a hoodie with a slogan in support of Kirill Serebrennikov. Recently the Director, who is accused of organizing the theft of 68 million rubles from the budget, extended the house arrest. Many figures of art and culture made a statement in support of the government.

Sobchak, knights, Bondarchuk and other publicly appealed to Serebrennikov

“I, like thousands of other people around the world need movies and plays Cyril . And I hope that the Wraith that is going on around him, is to be held as soon as possible, and everything will fall into place,” wrote Khamatova in one of the social networks.

According to some, Chulpan Khamatova secretly recorded relationship with Shane Alexander in 2010. The lovers decided to get married a week before the alleged birth of a common child – daughter AI. In 2014 in the media appeared information that the couple broke up. Later, however, Alexander has denied these rumors, saying that there are no problems in relations with his wife.

Recently, reporters made contact with Shane and asked him to comment on the details of the divorce. “I do not discuss it, we are not marriage Agency”, – said the Director of the correspondents. According to representatives of the media, the man continues to take an active part in bringing up her daughter the first of September, I went to school with their parents.

Based on the materials and “Express newspaper”.