Media claim that Cristiano Ronaldo was off raped girls

СМИ уверяют, что Криштиану Роналду откупился от изнасилованной девушки

In mid-April of this year it became known that Cristiano Ronaldo is a footballer which is a dream of millions of women, was involved in a scandal. the magazine Der Spiegel made public a scandalous story that happened in 2009 in the United States. The publication wrote that then, 8 years ago, Cristiano met a girl at a party. Word for word, and she was unable to resist and not to succumb to the charms of the athlete. In the morning the girl met in the room Ronaldo, only that happiness on this occasion she did not feel. The fact that the statements are unknown, Cristiano has made over it violent acts of sexual character. Of course, after such a “stormy” night girl hastened to write a statement to the police.

To ensure that this story became public, lawyers, real Madrid could not, because he hastened to contact with the side of the victim and offered her 375 thousand dollars for her silence. But the secret is still out there.

As evidence of the transaction in the media have brought the documents with the signatures of lawyers Cristiano.

Now, face Ronaldo intends to sue the edition, which was published, according to them, false information.

In response, the German media published new evidence of the guilt of the player. It turned out that the victim initially hoped to receive compensation in the amount of 600 thousand dollars, but the lawyers Ronaldo managed to persuade her to 260 thousand. The parties even signed a contract on the transfer of funds that Ronaldo has signed personally. Most likely now, Cristiano will have to explain to representatives of the law.