Media called the most ill-mannered celebrity of 2016

СМИ назвали самых невоспитанных знаменитостей 2016 года

British newspaper the Daily Mail recently introduced readers to the unusual rating. The Internet newspaper decided to point out the stars on their errors in behavior by publishing a list of the most ill-mannered celebrities.

Note that geographical restrictions, limitations on the scope of activities, and the rest was not. In the list we see the Royal family and pop singer Britney Spears.

So let’s get started. According to the publication, the punctuality were the Dukes of Cambridge. This title, Kate Middleton and Prince William was due to being late for one of the events during his official visit to Canada in September. Also scored and Prince Harry. The man was awarded the title of “best thrower of toys out of the pram” because of his claims to the media in early 2016.

Found in the list of place’s former rivals in the presidential race, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Politicians called the most ill-mannered due to the fact that they refused to shake hands at the beginning of the debate in October 2016.

However, your greeting could be interpreted incorrectly if you do it wrong, as was the case with canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He wanted to high-five Prince George, but were not comprehended.

The worst habit, according to the newspaper, has singer Britney Spears, who is still (apparently) living in the early 2000’s, when chewing gum was cool.

Athlete Andy Murray Wimbledon winner among men became the champion in the absence of chivalry. He was awarded this title for his refusal to carry out the tradition of the championship and invite to the first dance champion among women (it was Serena Williams).