Media: brad pitt’s affair with a famous actress

СМИ: у Брэда Питта роман со знаменитой актрисой

The divorce process of Brangelina in full swing. While the parties settle matters regarding child custody, the journalists try to find out what was the reason for the decision about the divorce. Earlier it was reported that the other woman that had invaded the family Jolie-pitt, was a fellow actor in the film “Allies” Marion Cotillard. Then the media appeared the news that in fact, Jolie wants to get rid of pitt, because she began an affair with a billionaire, whose name is yet hidden. Faster his intention to divorce her husband Jolie categorical. So much that even ready to give false testimony about his addiction to alcohol and abuse.

Obviously there’s only one, Jolie has already done enough to hurt pitt to put an end to these relations. And I think brad is not against to live separately from their once beloved woman.

Moreover, pitt has already found a replacement for the mother of his children and had an affair with a famous actress, told Grazia magazine a source close to the actor. “A woman in love with brad, my friend, and I promised not to reveal her name. I can only say that they are really in love,” he said in an interview with the source.

Who do you think could it be? How about Charlize Theron or Lizzy Caplan? Perhaps this is Sienna Miller?

By the way, is to say that the sacrificial image of Jolie, which she created at the beginning of the divorce process, may soon be broken on the hard facts, which gathered a team of pitt on it. According to informants, dirt can destroy the reputation of Angelina in a jiffy: “these records Angelina appears in a very unfavorable light. Brad is leaking this information to the media as the acting, directing and philanthropic career of his ex-wife will come to an end”.