СМИ: Борис Корчевников избил подчиненного!
Well-known TV presenter accused in the attack on the employee of TV channel “Spas”.

Boris Korchevnikov

Photo: @b.Boris korchevnikov Instagram Korchevnikov

The press has spread the message that Boris korchevnikov started on one of the subjects. Several media outlets have published information about the fight of the presenter, the head of the channel “Spas” with a Junior employee.

“On 2 February in the city polyclinic number 62 (branch 4) asked Vasiliy Mogilevich Dobrodeyev 1983 the Man took a beating, but refused to write a statement. Explained that he is the editor of the archive of TV channel “Spas”. It was like this: Bob called the Secretary to the Cabinet Korchevnikov, where was Konstantin Afanasiev, Alexander Yakovlev, Evgeny Markov. Basil further explains: threats from Korchevnikov fell from the doorway… Dobrodeyev wanted to avoid conflict, tried to get out of the office at this moment korchevnikov began to beat him…”— telegram reports channel “112”.

At the moment Boris is a conflict with a subordinate has not commented. Fans with interest, would continue to develop this story. Recall that on the appointment of Korchevnikov for the post of General Director of TV channel “Spas”, it became known last spring.