Media: Beyonce and Jay-Z became parents

СМИ: Бейонсе и Джей-Зи стали родителями

Fans of the popular American singer Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z and American reporters believe that they are the parents of twins. To this conclusion they came, catching the surging Solang sister Beyonce Knowles at the entrance to the clinic, UCLA hospital, where is the artist. SIS tried to remain incognito, but the local paparazzi’s eyes sharpened and they recognized the visitor to the singer and a cousin of a celebrity.

As you know, the singer was admitted to hospital a few days ago. To accommodate Beyonce and her entourage, Jay-Z ordered the closure of a fifth floor. Other patients, including pregnant women, were transferred to another room, from which they obviously were not happy.
As a proof of birth held Beyonce, the media, citing eyewitnesses reported that security, the singer was seen carrying out of the house two children’s car seats. Probably, the singer not only gave birth, but soon going to leave the walls of the hospital. We’re waiting for official confirmation of this information.