СМИ обсуждают скорую свадьбу Дэниела Рэдклиффа According to some reports, the actor has already bought a ring for his lady. The star of the Saga about Harry Potter is Dating Erin Darke for more than five years, it is not surprising that he decided to propose to her.

      Daniel Radcliffe, starring in the films about the wizard Harry Potter, is planning to marry. According to several foreign tabloids, 27-year-old actor is already preparing to make an offer of marriage to his beloved, 32-year-old Erin Dark. Couple met more than five years. A young man and his beloved are not seen together at social events. Many friends of Radcliffe said that they were perfect for each other.

      According to foreign publications, recently Daniel was seen in a jewelry store, where he carefully chose a ring for his girlfriend. According to friends of the actor, he never skimped on presents for Dark. Representatives of movie stars have not yet confirmed information about the upcoming marriage.

      “Daniel and Erin have already talked about the wedding. He decided that for the engagement ring for lady, it is possible to spend considerably”, – said a source familiar with the situation.

      They met on the set of pictures John Krokidas “Kill your darlings”, and since then do not part. They first appeared as a couple at the awards Tony Awards in 2014. The actor prefers to keep secret personal life, why not discuss it with reporters, ignoring their questions about sweetheart. Because of the closeness of Radcliffe in the press even there were rumors about his homosexual. However, he later denied this information.

      It would seem that the famous actor a lot of fans who only dream about meeting with him, but in one of his interviews he admitted that he doesn’t like Dating. “They get on my nerves. I have been extremely nervous all those uncomfortable pauses, silences. By the end, however, I’m getting too talky or boring. And then just trying to amuse the girls. This is, perhaps, the only Dating I do well,” said Radcliffe.

      By the way, the young man had to undergo a true test of glory. After filming in the films about the young wizard Daniel addicted to alcohol. As told the actor, in 20 years he drank and was aggressive and had committed rash acts. Fortunately, he was able to overcome addiction.