Media are actively discussing the possibility of pregnancy Maksakova

СМИ активно обсуждают возможную беременность Максаковой According to some reports, the famous singer allegedly preparing to become a mother for the fourth time. Maria Maksakova itself has not yet commented on the information which appeared in the press. Meanwhile, sources continue to insist that the actress is in an interesting position.

      СМИ активно обсуждают возможную беременность Максаковой

      Today in the center of Kiev killed eks-the Deputy of the State Duma Denis Boronenkov. He was shot near the entrance to the posh hotel “Premier Palace”. The news shocked the public. At the moment there is an investigation into the incident. Wife men, Opera singer Maria Maksakova, unable to restrain his emotions at the scene. A woman fainted, then left the grounds, accompanied by guards.

      Maria Maksakova came and fainted

      A number of media reports that the actress plans to become a mother. According to correspondents, Maksakova is allegedly four months pregnant. Initially, the information appeared in one of the Russian publications, refers to anonymous sources from the environment pair. It was alleged that Maria worries about the future baby. The insider also reported that the singer intends to give birth in Germany.

      СМИ активно обсуждают возможную беременность Максаковой

      Later in the press there are new details. It is reported that Maria Maksakova allegedly declassified your pregnancy program “live”. In the issue of VGTRK on March 21, a celebrity talked about why he decided to move to the territory of Ukraine, and also admitted that he misses the rest of Russia’s friends. Meanwhile, in the news program “Vesti”, facing the same channel, refer to other media, claiming about interesting position of the star.

      Note also that the singer has not yet made any official statements regarding her pregnancy. Fans of Maria Maksakova it is hoped that the actress herself will make contact and confirm or deny the information, which is discussed in the media.

      “StarHit” contacted a friend of Maria Maksakova, Alla Dovlatov, which until recently was broadcast on Letterman defended her and expressed concern over the future of the family of the artist. “I don’t know her husband. Can’t say good or bad. I don’t know many wives who wouldn’t leave her husband. I would have done this… Killed? What do you mean. I can’t imagine… Poor, unhappy, as she had problems. I sincerely feel sorry for her. Maria’s a wonderful person, intelligent, smart,” said leading “StarHit”.

      Husband of Maria Maksakova shot in Kiev. PHOTO

      We will remind that Maria Maksakova, she married Denis Boronenkov in March 2015. At the end of April of the same year, the singer suffered a miscarriage and she lost twins. According to the artist, it happened because of nervous shock in connection with the criminal prosecution of a spouse. Later, the singer managed to get pregnant again. In April last year the couple had a son Ivan.