СМИ: Анджелина Джоли  и Брэд Питт втайне возобновили свой роман
For pitt and Jolie could still end well.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


biographer Ian Halperin, author of a new book about Jolie and pitt, Angelina and brad,
secret from outsiders, resumed a romantic relationship. In public they are still together, but according to available
Halperin have insider information, pitt and Jolie
began to meet regularly.

in the past year both have come a long way and worked hard.
Pitt’s efforts in this area more known to the public because of their
the last interview of brad with disarming frankness told about their past
errors. He told about his struggle with alcoholism, recognized that was not the best
father to the six children of the couple and took
the blame in the collapse of the marriage. At the same time Angelina, although she didn’t do
loud statements, too, had worked very hard and found the courage
to forgive brad.

Halperin, since last September, when took place the famous quarrel of the spouses in
the plane, after which Jolie filed for
divorce, both husband and wife re-evaluate their relationship. It became clear that
apart both feel unhappy. The attempts of both partners to make new novels,
also not brought any satisfactory results. In addition, both of
understand what their children dream about having their dad and mom are reunited and will be made happy
if this happens.