Мясное платье Леди Гаги теперь можно съесть

However, it will have to go to Beijing.

And, of course, it is not quite the same gown in which the singer appeared at the ceremony of awards MTV in 2010. More precisely, it is not the same, but slightly similar. Now fans of the singer or just hungry citizens in one of the Beijing restaurants can enjoy a special dish created in honour of the ceremony where Lady Gaga appeared in a dress, shoes and hat created from pieces of raw meat by designer franc Fernandez.

The photo of the dish appeared in social networks. The role of the singer in this dish takes a Barbie doll, and meat dresses, is actually the meat itself.

Now edible dress lovers to shock the public think it’s funny, but when the singer appeared six years ago on the ceremony, not all approved of her unusual choice of wardrobe. For example, the organization for the protection of animals PETA has issued an official commentary which expressed the hope that “molodye people will refuse to buy her records if she continues to act in this spirit, after all, for many people meat is not synonymous with food, and the suffering of these animals.”

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