May Abrikosov spoke sharply about the priest from “House-2”

Май Абрикосов резко высказался о священнике из «Дома-2» Star telestroke believes that man has no place on the show. May Abrikosov admitted that he was surprised to find former Minister of the Church in the Meadow. The celebrity shared with fans his thoughts about the project in his blog.
Май Абрикосов резко высказался о священнике из «Дома-2»

Among the participants of the main telestroke countries were representatives of almost all professions. It seemed that the viewers have no will to surprise. But the activity of one of the characters of the show in recent years actively discussed. Netizens claim that the new party program – Walter Solomentsev – previously worked in the Church. According to rumors, his real name is Basil, and he served in one of the temples of the Rostov region, the village Wells. As evidence they cite the history of his life, the positive feedback from parishioners and the photos, which depicted a man in a cassock, in the process of prayer.

Hero made a big impression not only on fans but also on its stars. So, Roman Tertychny, better known as May Abrikosov, in his blog published an article which spoke about finding Walter in the Meadow.

“My legs will not be in that place where blasphemy! Probably “House-2″ is so exhausted and plunged into the darkness that is ready to use in its ratings pursuit of the priest, even of the former. My father is sitting happily on Calvary and absolutely do not hesitate. Because of people like father Basil, by the way, the whole Church fell under the condemnation and distrust. But it will entertain the audience nicely. And clowns don’t. My applause to him including,” admits May.

Apricots emphasizes that he does not understand the motives of the Church’s Minister. It is a shame that when people went to confession, opened their hearts to him and asked for advice. Furthermore, May recognizes that he himself ashamed to remember about the filming of the TV show. The man believes that his campaign for the casting was the biggest stupidity in life. May Abrikosov: “I Think the participation in the “House-2″ creative collapse”

“I have already said that their participation in the “House-2” is considered failure. It took time and a lot of work to stop thinking like a hamster. Working now, write custom texts, articles, advertise, develop their own projects. Strongly shunned and controversial glory, which picked up on the reality show, shy worse than leprosy. Because it bothers me “domdata” awareness. Recently held talks with two television channels and one of them failed to converge exactly because of the loop of negativity that follows me from “House-2”, divided Apricots.

The celebrity talks to fans and internal changes that have happened in recent years. He admits that in his life there are other values, interests and priorities. Now in first place for May are his friends, not the thirst for fame and money. Although Apricots and does not hide that set aside funds and thinking about how to move to the capital.

“With a removable housing over. Will move to Moscow, when to buy their own apartment there. Facilities in the Studio, a small, modest secondary. But I would like to buy a two-bedroom. Though quite small, because I live not alone. Will consider all offers and options. I now have a neat, frugal, don’t waste money. On the contrary, as any other man, eager to earn more and achieve your goal,” says May.