May Abrikosov sings of plump women

Май Абрикосов воспевает упитанных женщин The former participant “Houses-2” stood up for ladies with excess weight. May Abrikosov believes that in any case it is impossible to condemn a man for his figure. He is convinced that the main thing in the girl’s inner qualities, not external data, but because extra pounds can interfere with personal happiness.

      Former participant reality show “House-2” May Apricots outraged by the fact that some allow negative remarks about people with excessive body mass. The man said such words are totally unacceptable, and therefore hastened to intercede for those women whose forms are far from universally accepted ideal of 90-60-90. Apricots do not understand why people are trying to follow some standards and torture themselves with diets for the sake of orderliness.

      “The fullness of the human body and the evaluation criteria are not determined by aesthetic parameters and health and wellbeing. If a person is sick – dishonest to hurt him. And if not burdened physically, he likes to be full, he’s happy, confident, then why would someone dare him to blame the “excessive” weight?” – reflects the former participant “Houses-2”.

      Also the man criticized the girl who by any means trying to become more attractive – decide on various tricks and plastic surgery. However, the man is sure that the most important thing in the person not external data, and internal quality. “I believe that any, even the most modest life is always better than a protruding artificial lips and enlarged with silicone Breasts glued hair lifeless and motionless from the Botox face,” admitted May.

      Interestingly, in its reasoning Apricots focuses on the women and men who are overweight shy away from. Apparently, it is a shame that the beautiful half of humanity so sharply reacts to criticism of his body.

      May believes that to truly love a person takes the second half for what it is. In his opinion, the extra pounds are due to genetic predispositions or health problems.

      “How many of us normal mothers, wives, children and girls! Not to offend them in any case! For each there is a man willing on my knees to thank God that he got this sweet bread. We love our women for who they are. Other we do not!” – signed a former member of the famous electroni.