May Abrikosov publicly flirting with a friend

Май Абрикосов публично флиртует с приятельницей The star of “House-2” has paid attention to the girlfriend. Apricots may have experienced the jealousy of his bride. Apparently, now he is not worried that a dialogue with a girl may not like his lover.

      Май Абрикосов публично флиртует с приятельницей

      The star of “House-2” Roman Tertychnyy, better known as the Apricots May have long left the big city and went to live in the village. The man has a house and farmland. Today May decided to publish flowers which grew in his garden. However, he addressed this is not his beloved Olga, a friend Alena. They did not hide their sympathies.

      “Alena, these yellow flowers for you!” – May wrote in the microblog.

      Between the pair even struck up a conversation. The girl was not long in coming, and hastened to thank the man for attention.

      “Thank You, Rum! I already put in a vase!” the girl wrote in response.

      Fans Abrikosov, became an unwitting witness to an innocent flirtation, hastened to rejoice for the couple that enjoys communication. “You need to create a joint page. For flowers, for bouquets and candy for comment, “Ohoven and sighs”! Love you the same beautiful as this flower!”, “In General – well done! A real man! With the flowers comes to the woman!” – shared views followers May.

      In early January a man was talking about how he was going to marry his beloved Olga. Currently, she works in Minsk and can’t leave the country until the end of the term of the contract with the employer. Apricots hides all his chosen and does not want to draw attention to his personal life. However, May have the most serious intentions – he wanted to connect his life with Olga.

      “Today we came together to make a conscious decision to create our family, said Apricots “StarHit” in early January. – I officially proposed to her. She agreed. Olga works as a doctor-optometrist in Minsk. She has some obligations to the Republic, and only in the following year her contract ends. Planning to settle in Russia, and yet have to live in two countries”.

      However, prior to this decision the man had to seek reconciliation with the beloved. He literally begged her to forgive him for what gave her a reason to be jealous. May Abrikosov publicly begging forgiveness from the lady. PHOTO