May Abrikosov publicly appealed to Dmitry Shepelev

Май Абрикосов публично обратился к Дмитрию Шепелеву Ex-member of telestroke spoke about “actually”. According to Abrikosov May, the popular program has a number of disadvantages, which he has called attention. Speaking about the leading Dmitry Shepelev, the man advised him to participate more in discussions.
Май Абрикосов публично обратился к Дмитрию Шепелеву

Former participant reality show “House-2” May Abrikosov expressed in his blog about the program of the First channel “In fact,” with Dmitry Shepelev. The man said that he liked the image of the presenter in the project “property of Republic”. However, in May, Dmitry could not find yourself in a new transmission.

In proof of his words, Apricots remembered the release of a TV show dedicated to Vanga. According to May, the presenter behaved inappropriately, discussing abilities clairvoyant.

Май Абрикосов публично обратился к Дмитрию Шепелеву“The topic of the program is gradually turned into an insult to the Bulgarian prophetess. Shepelev talked to people who knew Wang, ridiculed their memories, clung to the words, mangled, giggling. Extremely unpleasant to watch from Bedros Kirkorov tried to make a “silly storyteller” devalued inappropriate comments it a sincere story about the healing of the son, and the prophecy of a great future Philip,” shared the former member of the reality show.
Май Абрикосов публично обратился к Дмитрию Шепелеву

Apricot believes that the facilitator should fill the transfer point. “He is obliged in each program to clearly Express their attitude to the subject, otherwise it functionally does not exist. He should not hide their attitude to the situation,” said the man. As suggested by May, the role Shepeleva “really” the same as polygraph. “If you remove him from the Studio, the experts will cope with all by yourself,” said star electroni.

The man also tried to explain what are the disadvantages Shepeleva. According to May, that lacks independence.

“Operators often show up near the face Shepeleva, but in the eyes of his emptiness. He seems to be “included” in what is happening in fractions of seconds, said his abrupt remark and goes out again. Like Dmitry Shepelev is rushing around the Studio, but at the same time, his participation is not enough. Somehow, looking at this, remember the words of legendary women Tatiana Anatolievna Tarasova, who commenting on the performances of the contestants of “Ice age” is often pronounced any verdict: “This is the case when the music was stronger,” – says the man.
Май Абрикосов публично обратился к Дмитрию Шепелеву

Speaking about the project with the participation of Shepeleva, Apricots also questioned the credibility of the testimony of the lie detector. According to May, for a three-hour test on a polygraph can clarify only a few questions. Therefore, he believes that for one issue the required weeks of the examination. Abrikosov proposed that the producers of the show to shift the focus and not to build the whole transmission data of the device.

Май Абрикосов публично обратился к Дмитрию Шепелеву“The detector is a helper, it does not take much attention. The audience is not too trust the detector, so all show it is pointless to build,” he said.

At the same time, May believes that Dmitry is able to participate more in discussions that are raised on the program. According to Abrikosov, show “actually” has great potential.

“Don’t want things written by me perceived criticism. This is just the opinion of one viewer. In fact, I think Dmitry Shepelev ACE, which is gaining momentum. It will definitely disclosed. Show “In reality” is already impressive, in my opinion. But it can be even more spectacular and impress literally “thunder from a clear sky,” commented May.