Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом» One of the stars of telestroke said “StarHit” what happened to his life after moving to the village. May Abrikosov believes that left the project with a dubious reputation, so a little regret about that time. He currently writes scripts, poetry and advertising copy, as well as wants to act in films.

      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” May Apricots remembered by the audience somewhat aggressive young man who at any moment could Express their opinion. Behind him and the loud novels with the most prominent inhabitant of telestroke – Alena Vodonaevoy and Olga Sun. After leaving the project the young man realized how much the role of a member of the reality show affected his reputation, the attitude of people to him and even on his attitude. After some time, May, whose real name Roman Tertychnyy, went to his native village and began to lead a solitary life. The choice of this approach was somewhat puzzled the audience – some concluded that he was tired of the attention, others decided to christen it the hermit, and the third one thought he had problems with the law. Quite a long time the man refused to communicate with the media and explain the reasons for such a sudden change of lifestyle .

      However, a particularly persistent journalists so wanted to make exclusive material about his family even broke into the house of the Novel with cameras without permission. This situation is very upset with the mother Tertyshna, her blood pressure rose, and the old woman had to call an ambulance. Ex-member of telestroke invited the police to law enforcement officers recorded the incident.

      The preparation of this material coincided with heavy event, but Roman found the strength to speak with “StarHit” and be open as possible. Ex-member of telestroke told, as it relates to the project “Dom-2”, why he left Moscow and why a complete stranger to him, people tend to make his life hell.

      Roman, you rarely get in touch with journalists… What are they so tired? We have had to face that now to be cautious?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Don’t like their obsession. Not all journalists are able to be delicate, to show their ethics and professionalism and not to fall while working on the materials to slander. The recent attack by the paparazzi at my house ended with a call to the police and the institution of criminal proceedings. We live in the XXI century, where there are modern methods of communication, which the press should be able to use. Now many people are happy to share facts from their personal lives, give birth to microblogging, offer publications reporting about yourself. To obtain information, journalists do not necessarily go to the recipient to break into the home, to violate the laws.—
      One of the authors called you a “hermit” because you are not typical for many stars of the reality show lifestyle. If you compare where you feel more comfortable: in the village or the capital? I do not want any social life, parties?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Look in the dictionary meaning of the word “hermit”. I don’t think it applies to me. A person living in the village, but with a population of several thousand, which has its own page in “Instagram” and the official website, which often publishes their own essays, photos and videos of a personal nature can hardly be called a solitary and detached from the world. If you argue, do I sit and suffer through Moscow, then there is no such. Proposals to re-enter metropolis received, but rejected, because I care about consistency and stability. I led a riotous life in the capital, party to go does not want, probably just matured.
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»
      You write poems, songs, scripts… what is the inspiration?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Depending on the periods and events in my life, work was different. Of course, the main inspiration comes from love. And writing articles custom brings me not only pleasure, but also income, though small, but enough for all. I’m picky in the queries. Sometimes I want ideas for advertising, please help, also not free. Recently developed an advertising campaign for a well known cafe: wrote the slogans, designed the photoshoot, in General, oversaw the process.
      Do you cooperate with any Directors, singers, TV channels? Or all the works written “on the table”?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Yes, at the moment I’m in talks with two channels. As I said, I want cheaper and more stable to solve everything. The fact that I have finished the concepts of TV shows that gradually follow up.—
      Do not think to play in some movie? Go to the audition? Follow the new films?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Of course, I would like to try to play in different roles. For samples go, I agree, experimenting, refused only on the role of the non-traditional nature. In my filmography this image already was, I’m not interested. Sometimes it happened that the Director I approached, and the channel-the customer of the movie – no. That’s when it really hurt. Low-quality serials and sitcoms try to avoid, came out of this age. Of the actors I like Khabensky, Bezrukov, Makovetsky, Sukhorukov, Gurchenko, Tatyana Kravchenko. Recently watched a film starring Konstantin Khabensky “Collector” impressive.—
      How often do you remember your participation in the project “Dom-2”? Not does it irritate you that the fact that many your name is associated primarily with the reality show?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Consider participating in “House-2” descent with his personal and creative collapse. Spent the time wasted with impunity. Yes, I get annoyed by the mention of the project. If you have had the opportunity to turn back the clock, would prefer to graduate the last six months at the Academy of Arts, and otherwise would be engaged in the development of the profession. Then, I remember, I seriously was keen on directing…—
      Do you maintain a relationship with someone of the guys from Celestron? Follow the fate of former comrades?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Specifically for their destiny, not the next, sometimes I read the news on the Internet. If this can be considered a communication, some former members I follow in Instagram, share with them messages periodically. Among the players of “House-2” I have no enemies. Even the occasional quarrels arising from the project happened only because I was forced to be active and arcite.
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»
      Why do you think this project is so popular to this day? What do you say about new members, many of whom have become real stars?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»I walked out of “House-2” with a dubious reputation, so the success of this show can not judge. New stars do not know. I think only “Oldies” are worthy of attention, as they already largely know what you want to show in your next return.—
      In your opinion, who are the spectators “Houses-2”?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»People who habitually watch the first series or mid-project, and then, by inertia, continue to follow him. Some include “the House-2” in domestic Affairs, to a TV talking in the background.—
      How was your relationship with the top show? Did you feel any pressure? How to react to the appointment of Olga Buzova on the post leading the project?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»My favorite host was Ksenia Sobchak. Actually it is a myth that we supposedly didn’t get along. At least I didn’t feel any animosity and no pressure. And Xenia Borodin always regarded good and simple girl. The third presenter Olga Buzova, just what we needed fit into the overall picture of the project. Absolutely correct decision of the leadership to trust her of this post. Myself leading “House-2” I do not see. Think not man’s this business – to run through the benches to talk, discuss, gossip and gossip about the lovers bone.—
      Generally follow the fate of Olga? The last few months, her name appears in the headlines of dozens of publications over the conflict in the family. What can you say about this?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Read about family conflict and about the attack of hackers on Olga Buzova. Sincerely sorry, it’s frustrating I guess when people pry into your personal life and pull out underwear. Sorry. Soon all will be forgotten, she will start a new positive streak, I’m sure. The gap Buzova with Tarasov surprised me. It seemed that their popular pair will withstand any test. But alas… If there are such things – run, Olga, it’s not yours! I have no regrets. But why the need? She’s a fighter, a warrior, workaholic, rise, shake, and go further. I think Olga Buzova who heads the list of all former participants of “House-2”. She has achieved a lot, and I think that will not rest on our laurels.

      What do you think are driven by ex-participants “Houses-2” when they continue to live on display, spreading in social networks sometimes very intimate moments of life? And what are you personally social media?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»I lived for show, apparently because they lacked worldly wisdom. It seemed to me, than my scandalous behavior, the more successful I am. In the end it was that just trampled his reputation. I am often asked readers of my essays to have a page in the social network, and it is very comfortable, I get messages with suggestions. Sometimes they share their news, jokes, photos and other material.—
      How difficult was it for you to failure from the drug? In one of your posts you told that you are supposedly addicted to prohibited drugs…
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Today I lead a completely healthy lifestyle without drugs and alcohol. Even try to eat natural and healthy farm products. Physical labor is replaced me fitness center. Work in the fresh air really helps to bring thoughts in order and energizing like a breath of morning coffee.—
      You live with your mom? How is your relationship?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Unfortunately, it so happened that the only close relative in this life was a mom. I promised dad I’d never leave my mother, so I took her to my house. I’m fighting with my mother, asking her to leave her job, because she has already retired. It’s hard for me to understand, but perhaps work is a definite incentive to feel young. She likes socializing, although she seems to be working more out of habit. Wherever had to live in my house there is always a spacious room for mom. This is even beyond discussion. I decided not to. Let her go, if only newly getting married. Don’t mind that she thought about herself. My mother’s world, she doesn’t ask questions and does not teach persistently advice.
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»
      What is family for you? Are you afraid of loneliness or consciously trying to get away from the crowds?
      Май Абрикосов: «Считаю участие в «Доме-2» своим творческим крахом»Family to me is the key to happiness, success, and meaning of my existence. I’m afraid of being alone. It is important that there always were people close to me whom I love and who love me. I need them. The older you get, the stronger you feel it.—
      What are your plans for the next five years?
      Basic plans are with my family, with their well-being. And the rest: I really want to implement the concepts. Think, decide, much time is spent on organizing new projects.