May Abrikosov harshly criticized the behavior of the priest from “House-2”

Май Абрикосов жестко раскритиковал поведение священника из «Дома-2» The reality star thinks that the man looks ridiculous. Walter Solomentsev without hesitation tells us about the pleasures of love and intimacy with the beloved. Apricots may resent such statements and image that created a former participant of the reality show.
Май Абрикосов жестко раскритиковал поведение священника из «Дома-2»

Not long ago, the media began to appear new scandalous details of the intimate life of the priest of the “House-2” Walter Solomentsev. The man without hesitation talking about the pleasures of love with the beloved and he shared the following information, which remain exclusively between lovers. This behavior angered a former participant of the reality show May Abrikosov. He believes such talk is unacceptable for a spiritual person and believes that his image on the program will not succeed.

“The proposed scenario, Bob abandoned his wife and children, payment of alimony, the adultery, the mythical cancer not increased his rating, and destroyed. He named his son Noah. If you remember, the old Testament, Noah has led humanity to a new life, taking his actions reconciliation with God. Basil also moves in the opposite direction – through the flood in the cold waters of sin to the bottom”, – shared his thoughts Apricots with “StarHit”.

May recalls that he did not like the behavior Solomentseva at the “House-2”. The man thought that Walter positioned himself as a sex symbol. “Father Vasily undressed on the project, were photographed naked. It says that he is looking for himself like a man. Someone uses for thrills, police costume, camouflage and leather belts with spikes, and this man tickles own libido cassock of the priest. From Basil in the show came the vulgarity, filth and emptiness,” admitted former member of the reality show.

The priest of the “House-2” makes the ex-spouse participate in an Orgy

May Abrikosov believes that the Church should not have to participate in the controversial reality show. Star telestroke believes that Walter was worth to bear the best qualities that should have a believer. In her opinion, Solomentsev made himself a laughing stock.

“The main meanness of Basil is that he went to the “House-2″, consciously substituting under attack the Church. He was hoping to attract the attention of the controversial theme of his failed vocation. The producers of the TV show are very happy these instances. Only the degree show raised more,” said May.