Май Абрикосов объяснил, когда закроют «Дом-2» Former member of telestroke spoke about the popular show, which recently left one of the founders Alexei Mikhailovsky. May Abrikosov believes that “the House-2” in need of reform, otherwise the project will cease to exist due to low ratings.
Май Абрикосов объяснил, когда закроют «Дом-2»

36-year-old May Abrikosov, a former participant of the project “Dom-2”, is a blog that shares his thoughts on the resonant events. Recently, the Network discussed the care of the General producer of the project Alexey Mikhailovsky, and lower ratings of the program. Learning of this, Apricots decided to speak out about what is happening in the TV show. The man lamented the fact that the transmission is boring to watch. However, May I am sure the producers could make it more interesting if you give it some effort.

Buzova stood up for husband of Marvinol after his scandalous departure from “House-2”

“It would be wise to clean the project from an ineffective, lifeless, aggravating. I would have refused “Gossips”, “Club of the funny fools”, “Acting school”, the minute “News” and “Analysis”. “Dom-2″ turned the wrong way. Unfortunately, the organizers do not see the point and obvious. Now is the time to throw all the forces on the audience’s interest and not to engage in a set of shows, the best versions of which are already on other channels successfully”, – said the blogger.
Май Абрикосов объяснил, когда закроют «Дом-2»

Another failed project, says May, is the arrangement of the site in the Seychelles. “And offer to close it. For me, all a mystery to what was expected by the producers, initially focusing on the story at the beach-badminton mood. What action could be to hold at the screens of millions of viewers?” – he is perplexed.

Abrikosov proposed to keep “Clearing” which, in his opinion, is able to hold the interest of viewers, and to reduce the number of presenters. The man would be left only Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova and, possibly, Vlad kadoni. Moreover, May believes that it is necessary to replace the majority of participants in telestroke.

The blogger has not left without attention and care of Alexei Mikhailovsky. Apricot believes that it changed nothing, as one of the founders of the reality show has long ceased to be a key figure.

“Of course, Alexei Mikhailovsky did a lot for the “House-2”. Once he was a good leader, as long as you have not lost touch with the audience. Not as sharks television played out, what can we say about Michael. His era has passed. “House-2″ needs a fresh look, new ideas,” says May.

Due to the state in which the telestroke, the audience turn away from it, says Apricots. Another reason for loss of interest – lack of respect for Buzova and Borodina. “They razed the rest,” says May. The man also urged producers not to return former members to pay more attention to the individuality of the project and generate less scandalous reason, and to revive competition within the perimeter. According to Abrikosov, if things continue on, the show will close due to low ratings.

“Dom-2” concept became a household name. It is associated with vulgarity, immorality, filth, stupidity, cruelty, etc. On this, the organizers prepared an excuse: “In ordinary life even more vulgarity and filth.” Yes, but the “Dom-2” is a business project. (…) Today it is, unfortunately, unpleasant to the audience. The project shows the cross-section of society, and the helplessness of the organizers. We see how not to do the show. To me, it seems, the audience was tired of the incompetence of the creators of “House-2″ and they are dismissive. The project will be closed if completely lost interest of the audience,” added Apricots.