Май Абрикосов назвал бывших участников «Дома-2» неудачниками Star telestroke criticized the innovations introduced by the producers, and publicly denounced the behavior of those who returned to the perimeter. According to May Abrikosov, in the “House-2” the crisis of ideas, so the reality show is about to close. Earlier the man has repeatedly offered measures to rescue the project.
Май Абрикосов назвал бывших участников «Дома-2» неудачниками

At the end of last year in a mobile application “TNT club” started voting for old men. The audience decide who of former members of “House-2” will again try to build love in the perimeter. Recently, the reality star May Abrikosov (novel Tertyshny) said that’s not going to use the second chance – neither as a competitor nor as the expert. The man criticized the telestroke and “household” in his blog.

According to Abrikosov, the producers of the project ran out of ideas. In this regard, the former party of the TV show I am sure – its closure is not far off.

May Abrikosov explained, when you close the “Dom-2”

“Those who returned to the “House-2″, is considered a loser and losers. Ashamed of such Oldies. They come to sign their failure, showing all that they are achieving at zero. The organizers of project have chosen the right course at the close of the show,” said the man.
Май Абрикосов назвал бывших участников «Дома-2» неудачниками

Their participation in the project May compares with the “error of youth”. According to Abrikosov, the project was not crushed. “I’m not a twig to break. And “Dom-2″ is not a school of life, as they say losers,” said the man. According to May, telestroke is possible to give another definition.

“A clairvoyant Orthodox monk elder in conversation with me called “the House-2” the cesspool of the human heart. He explained that in order to understand the essence of this show should have the word “downloads” is replaced by the word “shame”. The audience does not respect the participants, despise, call offensive nicknames. Making things worse, the producers have not sacrificed their, and the reputation of the participants. As a result, the audience sees on the screen of anthropoid beings, without ambition, without self-esteem, does not think, empty. Disgust the audience can understand,” – shared the star of the reality.

When Apricots were looking for love on the perimeter, many considered him a kind and extravagant. According to the man, it’s just a role he played.

“Attentive viewers probably guessed that the image “May Abrikosov” ripped off Jim Morrison. The producers asked me to stick to similar behavior on photo shoots, in an interview, while recording the show live. Some fans of “House-2″ still looking for me to morrisonesque oddities, waiting for the outrageous and hysterical antics, forgetting that it was only a role. It ended,” said the ex-participant of the TV project.

Now the man gets a large number of different job offers and collaboration, but not all of them do it from a financial point of view. However, May is still open for cooperation. “I don’t have to see his name in the credits, delusions of grandeur not possessed. Help young Internet and TV projects to start, develop concepts for new shows writing scripts. Turn to me for advice and I tell you” – so says on its activities to the Apricots.