Максим Виторган обратился к любимой женщине The actor dedicated the touching line to the family members. Maxim Vitorgan said the beauty of this woman and told about her talents. The subscribers of his microblog moved, as a movie star, loves his family and friends.

      Actor Maxim Vitorgan resting together with his pregnant wife Ksenia Sobchak in Italy on the island of Sardinia. In the company of friends, the husband and wife ride on the boat and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean countries. Despite the fact that Vitorgan is far away from your family, he did not forget that today his mother, Alla Balter could be birthday.

      The woman died 16 years ago from cancer of the spine, but max remember each day spent together with my mom, her beauty, habits, and character traits. On his page in the social network he devoted mother a touching line.

      “Happy birthday, mom! Stealing beauty. Soluble smell. Passing touch sensation. Yes, in order to check whether the cigarette lighter in your car, you have to point the finger at him and burned. But drove the car in the family you. You did this by yourself. You knew how to and could all, especially if it had not you. Especially if daddy. Forever wrapped in your care and warmth,” wrote the actor, laying out retro the of Alla Balter.

      Among subscribers Vitorgan there were those who remember the theater productions with his mother. The woman played in the play “a Plague on both your houses” at theatre of a name of V. V. Mayakovsky. “When you bow at the end of the play I saw her sad face, as the standing ovation in the front row. Can’t believe this is the person now in front of me,” said one of the followers of the actor.

      By the way, this summer Maxim Vitorgan tries to spend together with your loved ones. Actor and Director takes care of pregnant wife, leads her to interesting cafes and goes with her on holiday in a hot country. However, as recognized by Vitorgan, he doesn’t love his wife to secular parties. “I do not like to be surrounded by people. Xenia took a lot of effort to pull me in any event. She is much more sociable person than I am. So we have this scheme: I its limit, she encourages me,” said the actor.

      In the family Vitorgan and Sobchak greatness. Many say that marriage has changed the well-known journalist and TV presenter. “Xenia Maxim on the same wavelength. If they argue that on the topic: well, that removed the Parking of cars on Tverskaya street” – so characterizes the relationship доче5ри and her husband Ksenia’s mother Lyudmila Narusova.

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