Максим Виторган рассказал о главных проблемах в своем браке
What prevents the happiness of the actor?

Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: Instagram.com

Like most couples, Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak has problems. The actor recently talked about what bothers him in the relationship with his wife. Difficulties in the marriage of the artist caused by the lack of time to communicate with his wife.

In other words, the Maxim only sometimes can enjoy the idyllic life with his beloved. The rest of the time the star couple immersed in work. Vitorgan removed a lot, works in theatre, on tour and in the end rarely is seen with his second half. In five years of living together it has become a Maxim for a serious problem.

“Xenia is not seen so often and not together,” complains Vitorgan in an interview with Sobesednik.

Sometimes, however, the Maxim still manages to spend a few days alone with his wife and son Plato. In the busy schedule of the actor is a time for socializing with children from the first marriage: Pauline and Daniel. Vitorgan says that her daughter has been successfully building his theatrical career. A son is preparing to become the operator. This summer, he plans to enroll at the chosen faculty of the VGIK.