Maxim Vitorgan told about the disadvantages of late parenthood

Максим Виторган поведал о минусах позднего отцовства The actor answered questions from Internet users. They asked the artist to tell about the little son Plato, and also about living together with one of the most popular women in the country. In recognition of the Maxim Vitorgan, the appearance of the baby made it more sentimental.

      In November last year, the 44-year-old actor Maxim Vitorgan in the third time became a father. TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak gave him a charming boy, who decided to call Plato. The happy parents loved the charming baby and try to spend as much time as possible.

      Vitorgan put on a show for Sobchak on the day of the birth of his son

      Maxim Vitorgan recently answered questions from Internet users. “Is there a difference in feeling when children appear in 20 years and after 40?” – asked the actor fans. According to Maxim, his son is too young to talk about it. However, the actor believes that there are objective factors, about which he spoke. For example, when a man was born the eldest heir of Daniel, he was on the same day arranged a festive party for friends. “This time, under the puzzled glances, hints and just a strong psychological pressure, I gathered friends only after two or three weeks,” continued Vitorgan.

      The actor also noted that he became more balanced and sentimental. “Now I am impressed by all these pink hearts, Teddy bears. Yes and the guy turned out good – not fussy, thoughtful, charismatic,” says the man.

      Arguing about when to have children, Vitorgan said that the best thing to do in adulthood. According to celebrity, in this case, parents will have time enough to live for yourself and you will be able with ease to begin the education of the heirs. On the other hand, in the later fatherhood, there are also disadvantages, which Vitorgan disclosed in his answer.

      “There is a beautiful (albeit more childish) picture, which are on the streets and young parents holding hands with two children. Because children shorten life, not lengthen it. With the advent of the child you have scale on which you can clearly see, as time goes by. My son is only 10, and I was already 54. And when he finishes school, I will be 60. And it scares me,” shared the actor.

      In addition, Maxim Vitorgan talked about what it’s like to live with a very famous person. According to the artist, he was accustomed to popularity his wife and takes her for granted. However, the first time the actor was shocked by the attention is focused on Ksenia Sobchak. “The press cares about every sneeze, every word becomes an occasion for an entire article”, – quotes the man the Question. Ksenia Sobchak: “I gave birth to myself, and cursed everything in the world”