Maxim Vitorgan talks about adding to the family

Максим Виторган рассказывает о пополнении в семье Actor’s wife is in her last month of pregnancy. Soon Ksenia Sobchak will become a mother for the first time. In anticipation of this joyous event leading husband joked about having children – first a girl and then a boy.

      Максим Виторган рассказывает о пополнении в семье

      9 November in the cinema “October” took place the premiere of the new film by Pavel Lungin “the Queen of Spades”, where the main role was played by Ivan Yankovsky and Ksenia Rappoport. The event was attended by many celebrities, including Julia Kovalchuk, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Elena Zakharova, and Philip Yankovsky with his wife Oksana Vander. Special attention of visitors and journalists was riveted on Maxim Vitorgan. When the actor appeared on the evening, journalists bombarded him with questions about the health of his wife, who is in the last months of pregnancy.

      “You can write: Xenia birth to a boy and we named him Anton,” Vitorgan said, smiling widely.

      The words of the artist has caused a stir among media representatives. Many of them could not believe – did the actor just told about the new addition to the family? However, after a few minutes of approval Vitorgan denied his own wife came into the room Ksenia Sobchak with a big belly. As it turned out, celebrities appeared at the event at different times: he spoke with reporters, his wife spoke with friends in the foyer.

      And just a few hours before the artist, tired of the increased public attention to the pregnant lady, claimed that she gave him a daughter. “Secretly gave birth to, was named Anna in honor of Oleg, the one in a half-hour grew up and choked the mother through chest inside out entirely. Sit and wait until VEGACAL. Will sculpt a new mom. Would quickly, and Anna tomorrow morning in the army already, and one afraid to stay at home! Push, honey, push,” – Vitorgan wrote on Instagram. However, after some time, this post was removed by the administration of the social network.

      Sarcastic post Vitorgan appeared once in the Network appeared rumors that she allegedly gave birth to a girl. Users of social networks began to congratulate Sobchak addition to the family and wishing all the best leading. Later she Xenia commented on the situation.

      “I did water aerobics, warm up in the sauna, came into the dressing room and 104 (!!!) missed calls. Now I know the exact number of my friends who read poor yellow press”, – said ironically of a celebrity in one of the posts in Instagram.