Максим Виторган поддержал певческую карьеру Ксении Собчак Over the weekend the presenter, who intends to run for the presidency, introduced the song “Unpopular”. Ksenia Sobchak poironizirovat divas on Instagram who constantly compete with each other.

This weekend’s broadcast of the gala concert of the project “New Factory of stars” Xenia Sobchak has presented his song, dubbed “Unpopular”. Its author was the show’s producer Victor Drobysh. Singing an ironic song, she turned to the closest “rivals”, who began the conquest of the musical Olympus, – the TV presenter Olga Buzova and actress Nastassja Samburski. “You b charged with a sock I… But I’m not aggressive,” said Sobchak under the approving applause from the audience.

Song Xenia has caused ambiguous reaction of the public. The majority of Internet users found “Unpopular” is extremely witty. They supported the star in the comments to a video in which she performs works Drobysh. At the same time others criticized Sobchak, expressing displeasure at the fact that the presenter decided to launch a music career.

Maxim Vitorgan hurried to stand on the side of his wife. The actor defended her from harassment of enemies in social networks.

“Can I tell you what I admire about my wife? You don’t want? Now, listen! In addition to intelligence, beauty, sex, hands, feet, eyes, tenderness, devotion, determination, skills, love and friendship, health, courage, turning into despair, the diligence, taste, ability to cook cheesecakes and give birth to incredible children – it’s an absolute impossibility to fit it into some of our (mere mortals) ideas about how it should be,” said the husband of Xenia.

According to Vitorgan, similar attempts to “fit” Sobchak in a single, familiar concept, doomed to failure.

“We demand that she abide and conform. Because otherwise we don’t understand how so. (…) It. It does not fit. She gets on the field, leans against the glass, standing under the boom, coming down the aisle, which is not… all at the same time. And we can only admire and resent. Here each his own”, – said the actor.

Previously Ksenia Sobchak with humor wrote about the premiere of the song “Unpopular”. “Now I’m gonna ride solo and giving you himself and his “sincerity” to the soundtrack (actually no). Thanks to Victor Drobysh for this talented and effervescent banter” she shared.

After some time, the celebrity has released the recording of his speech made at the concert. “I need to write in such cases: “My lovelies, my agnolucci, I give you myself without reserve!” – ironically Xenia. Fans of Facebook will appreciate her humor: “Good”, “Good”, “always on top”, “Singing President”, “It”, “Very well received”, “the topic of today”.