Maxim Vitorgan starving in Japan

Максим Виторган голодает в Японии
The actor desperately struggling with hunger.

Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: @Instagram mvitorgan Maxim Vitorgan

Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak continues its tour of Asia. Choice of spouses was China, and now they are already in Japan. His acquaintance with the country of the rising sun, the actor and TV presenter started with Tokyo, and later moved to the province.

If China Russian couple is categorically not liked, the Japanese culture has made Maxim and Ksenia strongest impression. In one of the publications Sobchak has shared that he has found in Japan a place that I fell in love at first sight. “The uninhabited island of Japan, Hokkaido is now my love!” — said Sobchak. The couple publish a lot of beautiful pictures taken during the trip.

Maxim and Xenia, generally happy, yet there was something that the Japanese are unable to please Vitorgan. We are talking about dietary habits. Yesterday was the day of Ekadashi according to the lunar calendar, this day is ideal for holding fast. It is this and engaged Maxim. After a day in austerity, Vitorgan was planning to eat enough the next day. However, the place where he stayed the couple did not expect much choice in food.

“You know what it’s like to Wake up after a day of fasting (Ekadasi) to use happily for Breakfast: my eyes are burning, hands grope, lips smacking… While everyone was still asleep and only then to understand that you are in a Ryokan, hotel, national traditions, and therefore no selection no products. From a friend: miso soup and chopsticks… — he began his story Maxim. — Still smells that I want on the subway. In the rush hour. In July. And the train got in the tunnel. And you hear, as if whispering to someone, “Well, you were good yesterday after a long journey in a traditional Japanese hot tub? You slept on the Mat… Well, take a piece of…this…well try to… you want…” Wand trembled in his hand and thought: “tea First! For courage! “Put a Cup… Smelled like childhood. Specifically — a hospital…”