Максим Виторган провел ночь в стриптиз-клубе
The actor went to a place in a luxury limousine.

Максим Виторган провел ночь в стриптиз-клубе

Photo: STS

Maxim Vitorgan all night in a nightclub. It
happened on the set of the new season of “Mom” on STS, where the actor plays the owner
dealership. In the story the character Vitorgan joins his subordinate
Roma (Sergey Lavygin), who was going to a bachelor party where they, along
arrive in a luxury limousine. Although, according to the actor, in such
establishments now he’s not interested. “My life was not that all, but
much, says Maxim 7days.ru. — I, in General,
enough. However, I want to say that the strip I never loved – he called
I have a feeling “besperspektivnyak”.

But, by the way, Vitorgan, like his character, with
contentment takes karaoke to your favorite hits. “I confess, here I am a sinner, but before
I have this very strong drink, ” said Vitorgan. — In College years
I could spend all night walking, and in the morning to go to class, but now I’m old.
I need to get to the other day I had a day off, and they fall often.
Well, sober to sing, it was torture”.

According to Maxim Vitorgan, he agreed to shooting
in the continuation of the “Moms” to learn that will play in a pair with Sergey Lavygin. Also
the series starred Tatiana lutaeva, Vladimir Zherebtsov, Roman Polanski, Paul
Trubiner, Svetlana Kolpakova, Elena Nikolaeva, Alexander Bulychev.

Photo: STS

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