Maxim Vitorgan shared archive photo

Максим Виторган поделился архивным фото
The actor remembered the difficult youth.

Максим Виторган поделился архивным фото

The famous Maxim dad brought expensive gifts

Photo: @mvitorgan (Instagram Maxim Vitorgan)

Maxim Vitorgan showed fans a unique photo
where he, still very young, takes the rules of the road in school. Actor
I remembered that in the childhood felt awkward due to the fact that my parents instilled
his taste for originality, but he wanted to be like everyone else. Over the years his Outlook
has changed, but he was almost kicked out of school for dissent.

Maxim Vitorgan in school

Photo: @mvitorgan (Instagram Maxim Vitorgan)

“Look at that boy on the bike in the background,” says Maxim. — He still remembers his monstrous feel to it
open lesson on traffic rules in elementary school. Were all people like people:
cars, children’s bikes, some even on tricycles and it is only in the adult
a Bicycle “Kama”, like a fool towered over all. Parents of classmates
whispered, smiled and pointed a finger at him. He don’t appreciate
his parents inculcated to him the rules of being different.

And so when they
a tour in the Baltic States have brought him a stand for the tutorial green and
slightly different design than the rest, he cowardly tried to steal from
classmates “correct”, palming off their. It every time, but
to clean water. That wasn’t hard. Already in six years it will be abandoned
to wear the school tie as all, to join the Komsomol as all writing an essay
about “Young guard” at all… He would write such an essay that it
almost kicked out of school. And he will never forget the enormity of the shame for
itself, and ridiculous arguments with which his mother tried to persuade him
to rewrite the essay, that he was not kicked out.”

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