Maxim Vitorgan quarreled with the mother-in-law of son

Максим Виторган поссорился с тещей из-за сына “StarHit” know who spends time with a young Plato and the rules established in the family. Grandmother of the baby, as well as his famous grandfather enjoying every minute spent with him and try to spoil. All about growing up heir to the star couple, we have learned firsthand.
Максим Виторган поссорился с тещей из-за сына

This summer, Plato real tour along the sea coast. In Sochi, the heir to the star family visited in June, and in late July went to Jurmala. Here his grandfather Emmanuel Vitorgan celebrated the 55th anniversary of creative activity. For this reason the resort, where the artist house, gathered all relatives and colleagues. The boy immediately won the attention and felt fine.

Irene and Emmanuel believe that there is an extraordinary aura and nature – centuries-old pine trees combined with the sea air. Grandparents spoke about the success of his grandson and how they shared responsibilities with Lyudmila Narusova.

Little butuzik

Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan arrived in Latvia together with Plato and his nurse. Baby also helped grandfather, two grandmothers, including my mother Xenia Lyudmila Narusova, and older children Maxim. According to Vitorgan Sr., Sobchak gets along great with Pauline and Daniel.

Максим Виторган поссорился с тещей из-за сына“She extends a warm welcome to children, – has shared with “StarHit” Emmanuel gedeonovich. – We have a friendly family, and it’s great.” “This time we had another reason to all get together – the anniversary of Immanuel on the stage, – adds Irina Vitorgan. – He came to congratulate not only relatives, but also colleagues: Alexander Mikhailov, Brandon stone, Lyudmila Maksakova, Yuri Stoyanov, Anton and Victoria Makarska…”
Максим Виторган поссорился с тещей из-за сына

Preparations for the festival, which was held in hotel “Baltic beach”, was in full swing, and young Plato, his presence would defuse the situation. Having stayed in Jurmala for ten days, he was the center of attention of all guests.

“My son hurried home just to get press for themselves Platonica, – said Irina Vitorgan. – When hugging him, and he smiles at you, then the body warmth and feel so good that you instantly forget all the problems. Such a positive and clever! Does he have expressive eyes! Watching you closely, can not speak, but understands everything. Only cries when he’s teething. Recently, the fifth has appeared.”

Plato brought up a man. The day the baby is painted literally on minutes, and parents try not to deviate from the schedule. One of the main conditions – the child must fall asleep himself, without the “hooting” from the adults.

“I sing songs Plato and fighting with his son about this, – has shared with “StarHit” Lyudmila Narusova. – In Moscow, when Plitochki the first tooth, he was crying, didn’t understand what was happening. I took it and placed it on the shoulder, pulled and dragged “Bayu-bayushki – Bayu, Bayu zainka my…” my Grandson was asleep.

As the houses all go to socks, it is not heard in the nursery has up Maxim and a metallic voice asked: “Lyudmila Borisovna, what kind of texts?” I, like caught the thief, played a surprise: “What? Maxim, I just calm him down”. What son-in-law said, “Lyudmila Borisovna, now he has to listen to Vivaldi, then Tuscan sounds of cicadas, and then the sound of the surf of the ocean.”
Максим Виторган поссорился с тещей из-за сына

Next to the crib equipment costs, you only need the buttons to poke, and I don’t know how to handle. And I think “Hush-a-bye” her grandmother better.”

The child develops comprehensively – both musically and physically. Daily Ksenia and Maxim conducted exercises with Plato and the older children. As a coach acted Vitorgan, Jr.

“Plato is engaged with the ball and doing exercises on hands and feet, – says Irina Vitorgan. – He’s a great swimmer. You should see how he dives. Platonic is a real tough guy. Already weighs 10 pounds. Little butuzik. But not fat, and that is tight. Touch legs and she elastic. I love these children.”

Mom Ksenia Sobchak is closely monitoring the power of the son. While she’s on set, the baby drinks a special mixture, but at the first opportunity Xenia feeds the firstborn chest.


Максим Виторган поссорился с тещей из-за сына

Plato inherited a “brand name” of the male half of the family of VETERANOV. “They say that he got something on his forehead from me – smiling Emmanuel gedeonovich. – Tick like a Seagull above the eyebrows. Maxim is the same there”.

Vitorgan-senior admires how much attention the son pays to the upbringing of children. “It just so happened that I was at work, and Maxim sat his mother, actress Alia Balter, recalls Emmanuel. The son in this plan takes a more active part: he and a nurse, and bathe Platonica. With older children was the same. But the grandfather of them bad, rarely with grandchildren as it is very busy.”

“But grandpa is good, do not climb with advice and scolds, – adds Irina. – Why is max so up? Because Emmanuel and Alla behaved with him like an adult. Nothing was forbidden and trusted”.

Максим Виторган поссорился с тещей из-за сына

Grandparents regularly give Plato a gift. At birth they bought a duvet and a pile of vests, and got a tree in the yard, which was named in honor of the baby.

Максим Виторган поссорился с тещей из-за сына“In the store I saw an artificial tree with lights in the form of leaflets, – says Irina. – I bought it and gave Emmie November 18, 2016 in the day when Plato was born. Since then, in the evening, turn it on, the lights Shine just like the smile of Platonica”.