Maxim Vitorgan not allowed to talk about the birth of Ksenia Sobchak

Максиму Виторгану не разрешают говорить про роды Ксении Собчак
Husband of TV presenter shared the news about the new addition to the family.

Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: @mvitorgan (Instagram Maxim Vitorgan)

Maxim Vitorgan complained that his sarcastic story about the birth of Ksenia Sobchak has four times removed from his personal microblog. The fact that the husband of TV presenter rather harshly reacted to speculation about the birth of their child. On his page in the social network published an article on the Network caused a great response. Many members condemned the Maxim for hard humor.

“Secretly gave birth to, was named Anna in honor of Oleg, the one in a half-hour grew up and choked the mother through chest inside out entirely. Sitting waiting for VEGACAL. Will sculpt a new mom. Would quickly, and Anna tomorrow morning in the army already, and I’m afraid to stay at home! Push, honey, push!” — wrote Vitorgan.

As a result of numerous complaints at the joke Maxim entry was deleted by the administration of the social network, but presently returned “into place”. “Instagram , for the past couple of days have four times removed the post and then return it. Yesterday was filled — the post was not. Woke up — there. The technology of this process, I understand stopped. Decided to sit on the beach and wait for swims past the corpse of an enemy… But there was neither river nor shore. From time to time heard the sound of the bursting balloon in the air, carried by an almost imperceptible scent of ambrosia is another lady left a comment “how-can-laugh-over-Holy or not-expect-from-you-unsubscribe”. And, waving his wings, flew to another branch to spoil the good and the light there!” said Vitorgan.

Meanwhile, the Xenia continues to shock fans with his behavior. Thus, recently, the Network appeared the announcement of the new issue of the famous glossy magazine with a picture of a naked Sobchak on the cover.