Maxim Vitorgan made a “shake-up” kid

Максим Виторган устроил «встряску» малышу The actor showed the everyday life of six-month-old Plato. Despite his busy schedule, Maxim Vitorgan tries to spend with his son as much as possible. Fans were glad that he shared such touching details of the life of the child.

In mid-November last year, actor Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak became the parents of the adorable son of Plato. The couple loved in a beloved child. They not often share pictures of the baby in the microblog, but because each new photo makes fans of the incredible interest and huge number of comments. Today, the artist showed how amused the heir – he took his leg and flipped upside down. Apparently, the baby was left in awe of the entertainment.

“Charge!” – Maxim wrote in the microblog.

Fans were pleased that Vitorgan shared such a touching photo. They loved to comment on the. “Oh, we also love so much to do with the baby. He squeals in pleasure”, “Baby in the hands of big, strong dad – there is nothing more beautiful,” “the Kids are so fond of. Such freaks. Sometimes it seems that parents are sadists”, “Well, in a sports family, the only way life can begin. Soon dad and to all a workout,” wrote a follower.

Maxim Vitorgan – a fairly experienced father, as the son from Xenia Sobchak became his third child. The actor already has two children – 21-year-old Polina and 17-year-old Daniel. After a couple of months after the birth of Plato, the parents began to drive the baby to the pool and tempering boy. For mom presenter this child care seems rather bold, as she herself was raised Xenia in a rather “hothouse” conditions. Ksenia Sobchak has provoked discussions on the second pregnancy

“I was a mother hen, – told Lyudmila Narusova in one of the television. – Once the wind was not that legs in woolen socks to keep the water cold, God forbid, do not hit on the daughter. And then in four months the child goes into the pool and swims. I would not dare! He believes that it is necessary to raise a man.”

Itself Ksenia came quite early from maternity leave – she gradually began to return to business as usual, going to social events and complained to the fans that she’s bored sitting at home.

“You can’t fool nature – amazing sense of fullness and some missionsto leaves the feeling that all the other task you exactly on the shoulder. And even fatigue – relish! I’m not sure in 20 years I would personally would apply to motherhood. So it is very important to give life when he already lived and understood it (about life) anything”, – wrote Ksenia.