Максим Виторган устроил дочь на работу The actor organized a family row. A familiar Maxim Vitorgan asked him to corporate along with heiress Pauline. Fans were delighted from the new Duo and wrote the girl a lot of compliments.
Максим Виторган устроил дочь на работу

Like many stars, Maksim Vitorgan often agrees to look for jobs at corporate events. The actor is no stranger to conduct similar events together with his wife Ksenia Sobchak. However, the daughter of Maxim Polina never took part in parties organized by companies for employees. She recently debuted in this field.

As the words Vitorgan, most of the work fell on his shoulders. In the pictures which appeared in the microblog artist, he was captured together with his daughter. Maxim addresses the audience, while his daughter looks at the audience, smiling broadly.

“For the first time are with Pauline corporate. To have children and let them work for you, brats! Nothing, because! Even on this photo you can see who is working and who is just beautiful! Pauline, the next time you tricks, charades and throat singing!” — joked the actor.

The heiress Vitorgan signed on its publication. “To be beautiful is also work, by the way,” said the girl.

Social media users congratulated Pauline Vitorgan fix it and found that the father and daughter look great as a leading. Some even expressed the hope that in the future, to the family contract and will join younger son Maxim Plato. “Dynasty”, “you Guys are great! The humor on top. How nice to read such emotional stories at the end of the day, when your nerves at the end. Take care of yourself”, “wow”, “Pauline — beauty”, “Now you will have a work schedule”, “well Done”, “Yes, you, my friend, the tyrant,” — commented the fans of the actor.

Recall that Pauline Vitorgan was born on 26 Jul 1996. The girl’s mother — the actress of the youth theatre, Victoria Weerberg. In this marriage Maxim Vitorgan also had a son Daniel, who is now seventeen years old. After GITIS Pauline started to work in the Russian academic youth theater.

In his interview with the heir Vitorgan said that she has a great relationship with the current wife of the father of Ksenia Sobchak. Social networks Polina periodically appear pictures of famous TV presenter. Maxim noted that very pleased with the successes of her daughter and tries not to interfere in its Affairs. According to Vitorgan, he willingly watching movies and performances with the participation of Polina. The man also often talking to a girl like a colleague and shares her professional advice.