Максим Виторган поздравил Ксению Собчак с годовщиной свадьбы

1 Feb Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan noted five years from the date of the wedding. Maxim left a touching instagram post in which he congratulated his lover on the significant date.

“Your arms is a favorite place on Earth. How fortunate that I was prescribed 5 years ago! Thank you you’re so alive, and so enraged the dogmatists of all stripes — to me this is very important because I’m one of them. And you — freedom! You have shown me that life is not a room, not an apartment building, not a city, not a planet, and the universe. With you it is limitless!”writes Vitorgan a black and white photo, which Sobchak hugs him.

About the amazing qualities of the presenter, the actor talks for the first time. “Want to tell you what I admire about my wife? In addition to intelligence, beauty, sex, hands, feet, eyes, tenderness, devotion, determination, skills, love and friendship, health, courage, turning into despair, the diligence, taste, ability to cook cheesecakes and give birth to incredible children, it is an absolute impossibility to fit it into some of our (mere mortals) ideas about how it should be. Our absurd and doomed (and that’s why our irritation) attempts to fit it into some familiar concept. One way or the other, but at least some that our minds can master. And we demand that it abide and conform. She can’t get enough. It does not fit.”writes Vitorgan.

On the page Xenia also congratulated her husband on the anniversary. “The five-year anniversary of our wedding. Five years ago, we all of a sudden quietly and modestly got married in a circle of the closest people, who didn’t even know invited to the wedding. “Good People” immediately began to discuss what is a “PR move”, “bit”, “not serious”… I do accept quickly, but only when sure they are correct! =)
And so five years together, and we have a wonderful son! Thank you @mvitorgan for every day spent together! And a miracle-a boy who looks just like you!
Now “Good People” also talk about my new life: “a PR stunt” and “not serious”. What to say to them? Talk to you in five, better six years!»

We will remind, before the wedding of Kseniya and Maksim were Dating about three months, and their wedding came as a surprise to many. In November 2016, the couple had a son Platon.