Maxim Vitorgan avoids some friends of Ksenia Sobchak

Максим Виторган избегает некоторых друзей Ксении Собчак The artist was tired of the popularity and fame of his wife. Vitorgan said that with some friends of Xenia communicates exclusively for her. However, many fans of the TV presenter is delighted with her choice.

Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak married for a few years. The actor admitted that for a long time to get used to the way of life chosen one. For it was new to attend social events, mingle with the other celebrity and to answer questions from numerous representatives of the media.

Vitorgan invented his way of dealing with unpleasant to him by people around Xenia.

“In addition to the status Xenia is the profession of journalism, which requires her to maintain a relationship with some people. Someone of these people I literally don’t sit at the same table. She even apologized for me sometimes in front of them. Once we had a terrible fight about this, because I was required to follow the same rules. But then she explained to me that these people are an important source of information. And I am humbled,” said the actor.

According to Vitorgan, he sees the popularity of the spouses as a given, for the sake of the woman he is willing to sacrifice themselves. Maxim said that the first time was shocked by the increased attention to Ksenia. “The press cares about every sneeze, every word becomes an occasion for the whole article. And I before our marriage just was not given in this report. Now I’m a little used to it and almost don’t pay much attention”, – said the actor.

The artist said about the advantages of living together with the presenter. Vitorgan became better known to a certain circle of people. Many stars are now considered the actor’s best friend and upon meeting him, cuddling with him. “And I sometimes don’t even know who they are. But the problem is that these people are not my target audience. In the past I would avoid such meetings, because I feel like I need these people to Express their position, their “Fi” and “be”. And now I’m learning, at least, pointedly silent. However, my wife says that I am a villain because my face and it’s always clear,” said Vitorgan.

Maxim admitted in an interview with “The Question”, I learned in time to get away from the unpleasant sides of him, appearing at the other end of the room.

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