Максим Виторган признался, что он – шопоголик

If Ksenia Sobchak’s passion for expensive bags, then her husband is going crazy on points!

Just recently, fans of the star couple were surprised at the news that she bought a handbag Hermes Birkin crocodile skin with gold accessories for 50 thousand euros. That is the price odnushki in a new building on the outskirts of Moscow. But not only She was a Shopaholic in the family. As it turned out, her husband Maxim Vitorgan also can’t pass certain things. In his “sin” Maxim repented himself…

If she buys all the latest fashion, the Maxim in terms of clothing more calm, but he can’t resist the glasses!

“Nothing in life I’m not buying so much and not losing as often as sunglasses. Once in their place was stationery. But now it’s in the past. Now I can go to the office supply store and come out with nothing. With glasses because he can’t. I try not to notice the opticians and close my eyes, to pass by, so as not to tempt themselves. It is very hard in airports waiting for departure. It’s almost a hopeless situation. Rare crash without glasses. They look at me and pull their temples. If I lost, I would have needed some kind of separate room… I’m standing in front of the airport. Now I’ll finish my cigarette and go inside. Keep me fists,” he shared his grief Vitorgan.

Literally an hour after this recording, the actor has published a photo from the cabin in brand new sunglasses, for that yourself too hard!

“I – rag… It’s beyond my control. They still have a dark blue rim. I could not stand even before the case against them. Leather. With the elastic in the girth. And bow soft… Mmm…” wrote Maxim.

One of the first photos of Maxim commented on Ksenia Sobchak.

“Well, by the way. I’ve got your favorite Japanese with rust,” wrote a leading.

Fans over weakness Vitorgan and the way Ksenia his teasing, he laughed and wrote that points not much happens, and Maxim looks insanely sexy. With the latter, by the way, Iruna to disagree!

And will not ruin seriously, according to fans, such purchases. Especially when compared with Kushinada handbags. Around them passion Vitorgan – just a childish prank. Although… If Maxim will go with Xenia to Hermes and find there a suitable glasses… in short, the family budget just nesdobrovat.

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