Максим Траньков бросил вызов Татьяне Навке
Colleagues became rivals.

Максим Траньков бросил вызов Татьяне Навке

Tomorrow, April 1, in the First channel will show a premiere
the issue of the show “Ice period. Children”, which begins with the casting. Before hot
competitions four famous coach (Tatiana Navka, Ilya Averbukh, Roman Kostomarov and Maxim Trankov) has watched the performance of young
skaters and formed their teams. At the preliminary casting guys
falling, crying, laughing, struggling trying to please – in General, tearing
the hearts of the coaches to shreds as it can do only children.

enthusiastic about new challenges and an invitation to become a coach in the project
“Ice age. Children” was accepted with pleasure, — said Maxim Trankov. Is
the challenge and the responsibility. I’ve never worked with children, and try yourself
this quality is at once interesting and difficult.”

When the ice was rolled out to 12-year-old red-haired boy, Trankova heart quivered — he felt a kindred spirit. Twenty years ago he was the same hooligan bully, and just as he needed to tighten up the jumps. Trankov rushed to persuade the boy to go to his team as if it was a matter of life and death. However, the boy mockingly slow choice. Persuasion joined Ilya Averbukh said that only Trankov will be able to teach him to jump as he never dreamed of. When Trankova Averbuch and dried up all the arguments, the young talent said, “the Post goes, it’s beautiful.”