Максим Траньков и Татьяна Волосожар рассекретили пол будущего ребенка
The skaters talked about how to change their lives with the news of the appearance of the firstborn.

Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar

Photo: @Instagram xam_trankov Maxim Trankov

Maxim Trankov and his wife Tatiana Volosozhar have revealed the sex of their unborn first child. As has told on air of TV channel Match athletes, soon their family will have a daughter. The baby needs to be born in late February.

Maxim admitted that he does not see modifications in connection with the pregnancy of the spouse in the behavior of Tatiana. “There are no whims Tanya yet, and thank God! So any inconvenience in connection with the wife’s pregnancy I don’t feel!” — said Trankov.

Tatiana also added that he felt fine and considers that “interesting position” brings only positive emotions: “I will Not be modest, pregnancy me paint. I still continue to live an active life!” Your workout Volosozhar continues. She was reluctant for the nine months to lose shape, so she plans to go on the ice as often as possible.

Recall that in an interview 7days.ru Tatiana and Maxim told a funny story about who first realized that the skater is pregnant. “We were in the summer in Japan, participated in the ice show — said Trankov. — In the locker room, he approached me and our friend, the Swiss figure skater stéphane Lambiel, and said: “Maxim, and that Tanya is pregnant?” I was surprised: “are You kidding? Where did you get that?” But he insisted: “Yes, she’s definitely pregnant! I can see how it rides, how does the elements — not as usual.” And it turned out that he knew something we didn’t know”.