Maxim Pokrovsky wife suffers from the husband character

Супруга Максима Покровского страдает из-за характера мужа
Today, June 17, popular by Maxim Pokrovsky turns 49.

Супруга Максима Покровского страдает из-за характера мужа

Maxim is happily married with his wife Tatiana, growing up they have two children, a son and a daughter.

In honor of the birthday of the singer star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to predict future Pokrovsky, having studied his life code.

“But for all his talent and charisma, behind the scenes Maxim a complicated man. May God grant patience to his wife because she constantly have to listen, listen to the claims of the husband and his nitpicking on every occasion. One well – Pokrovskiy realizes that it is not a gift, wife ruining the mood, then hurry to apologize for my behavior,” says numerologist.

Congratulations Maxim, happy birthday!

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