Максим Покровский открыл бизнес в Казахстане The leader of the music band “Nogu Svelo!”going to train new stars for the Russian and foreign music.
Максим Покровский открыл бизнес в Казахстане

“It all started with the fact that I organized in new York the management company Max Incubator – says the “StarHit” Maxim. – She deals with the Affairs of our group. Now preparing for the concert in the Kremlin at the end of November, we celebrate 30 years. Somehow stayed in Alma-ATA, and my friend, producer Janik Karin, said: “Max, you have a wealth of experience in show business, why don’t you share it with others?”I liked the idea. So we opened an art school in Kazakhstan.”

Now intercession is resting in America, however, closely monitoring the project.

“The main emphasis in the institution is made on a vocal classes – continues the singer. – In addition, the children learn acting skills and play on the percussion instrument Cajon. Parents are interested to make career kids turned out well, and my company is ready to provide students of services management in new York.”

According to the artist, he is in school while not teaching. “But will soon correct this situation – says Max. – Teach the handling of the synthesizer. Over time I want to run new courses on the creation of music using computer programs, and plan to expand the school to another level!»