Maxim organized the daughters of chic holiday

Максим организовала дочери шикарный праздник
A few days ago, a birthday was celebrated, the youngest daughter of the popular singer Maksim Maria, who was three years old.

Максим организовала дочери шикарный праздник

The singer decided to organize a daughter’s a luxury holiday, by bringing in one of capital restaurants of friends and family members.

Максим организовала дочери шикарный праздник

“Masha – the child of true love, a very beautiful and understanding girl, – says the artist. She’s invited to participate in advertising campaigns, but we respect the decision of the Pope, not to show Mary, so in all the photos she’s back, and at all events monitored, so it wasn’t taking pictures, guests are warned not to upload photos to social networks. The child is very calm, with interest and delight followed and participated in all the children’s games at the event, and most of all my daughter liked the show of hedgehogs”.

Businessman Anton Petrov, the girl’s father, did not attend the celebration due to the lack of free time, but congratulated Mary, sending her flowers and gifts.

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