Maxim Nikitin sent damage on the opponent on the “Battle of psychics”

Максим Никитин наслал порчу на соперника по «Битве экстрасенсов» The man confessed to committing ritual magic. Maxim Nikitin, who retired from the show, decided to avenge one of their colleagues. He used the ability against Rustam Zagrtdinova.
Максим Никитин наслал порчу на соперника по «Битве экстрасенсов»

In the 18th season of “the battle of psychics” already had their own leaders and outsiders. Now Sofya Egorova and Konstantin Hecate equal fight for the title of best magician show. However, not all participants could successfully pass difficult tests. So, Maxim Nikitin was the first candidate for elimination.

The mage is not upset at the sudden decision. It sure is a far more powerful psychic than his rivals.

“I hope you all will ever be able to reach my level. Then we’ll talk, let’s fight again,” said an extravagant man goodbye.

A minute before Marat Basharov told about the decision of the judges, the other psychic Rustam Nurtdinov expressed a desire to leave the show, to give place to a loser. However, the young man refused from such a step, knowing that the envelope is a picture of Nikitin. It turned out, the two magicians had a fight during the filming.

Leaving the room, where the announced departures, Maxim told about the reasons of the conflict with Rustam.

“I don’t think he’s a good psychic, he basically there is no gift. That’s why I gave Rustam the damage. Soon his mind would be clouded, it will be difficult to figure out. He can’t deal with the esoteric. I did this not only because of personal animosity. Just black magic gives me pleasure,” said Nikitin.

Fans were quick to condemn the Maxim for his actions. “Is it possible to throw curses. You the this damage and move on,” “Here is self-esteem. Did not really show it, but the damage sends” “the Judges made the right decision”, – shared his impressions of the fans.

In General, the issue turned very emotional. So, Jean Alibekov could not hold back tears when he was in the apartment with a bad aura. A man and his sister Dana Baidosov failed to pass the test, but impressed the jury.

But Constantine Hecate on the contrary were able to perform both tasks, surprising and guests of the program, and skeptics. That he got the first white envelope. The man has dedicated the victory to his family and friends. Fans of the show believe that the psychic has all the chances of an unconditional victory.

Participant of “Battle of psychics” Konstantin Hecate: “I believe ill person”