Maxim Matveev proved that he’s the perfect dad

Максим Матвеев доказал, что он — идеальный папа
The actor bragged of their successes.

Maxim Matveev

Photo: @maxim_matveev_ Instagram Maksim Matveev

The theme of the education of his son Maxim Matveev is in conversations with the press a kind of taboo. The actor and his famous wife Elizaveta Boyarskaya prefer to discuss the process of education four-year Andrew only in close family circle. However, before Maxim first told about the kindergarten his heir. It turned out that children in preschool institution given the task — to cut with parents crafts from pumpkins. And, it seems that the efforts of Maxim and Andrew were not in vain: that their work was recognized as the most beautiful on the fair talent.

Russian actor not just cut out a face from the pumpkin, and created a work of art based on the cartoon “Corporation of monsters”. Judging by the photos, max has received great satisfaction from the process of performing creative activities. A picture together with his son, the actor is not published, but we have to expect that Andrew was also delighted with the help of his superpapa.

Recall that some time ago in the network appeared the first in four years, the Andrew. The fact that Boyarsky, remembering his childhood, never wanted for her son, followed closely by the paparazzi. So she tried hard to protect him from cameras.