Maxim Matveev fulfilled the dream of the son

Максим Матвеев исполнил мечту сына
Little Andrew will go swimming.

Максим Матвеев исполнил мечту сына

Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth boyar

Photo: Legion-Media

Son of Maxim and Liza Boyarskaya this week marks six years. For this reason star parents bought Andrew a pass to the pool. “The son had long dreamed to learn to swim, — said Maxim. — He, like I, loves water, loves when we are together we go to the sea. Every summer at the cottage my grandfather put an inflatable pool, and she swims for hours and fooling around. Now he will go to training in water aerobics”. Actor teaches his son all that he can for himself. “Ideally, when a man next to his dad — told star grandfather Mikhail Boyarsky. — Maxim Golden hands: screw, shave, sculpt, build — he has a talent for it. Here they both sit down — and they better not approach!”

to admit the kid is growing very smart and talented. And how is it possible otherwise
such genes? For example, recently Matveev boasted in their social networks
a portrait, drawn by Andrew.

“Children are the meaning of life… — admitted
Maxim fans. — So is the son!!! And rightly so!
The mouths of Babes, as they say”.

Really, though
the boy has not yet managed to get draw dad’s facial features, but in
the figure drawn person shows obvious similarity with Matveev —
skinny, but with muscles. About a year ago Maxim started to lose weight for the role in
theatre. More precisely, he began the change for yourself, and then secured
the result of the work. “It all came together. Started for myself, but it turned out for roles in theater under the direction of Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov
— in the play “the Actor” directed by Evgeny Pisarev. First,
the Director has set the goal to lose weight. Secondly, the character of such
ephemeral people that wanted to add him weightless” — shared

The son of actors Andrew in April will be 6 years old

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina