Maxim Matveev departed with Elizabeth Boyar

Максим Матвеев разъехался с Елизаветой Боярской
The actor discovered that he had received in childhood trauma.

Maxim Matveev


Maxim Matveev first visited the Studio of “2 wernick 2”. Famous brothers lined up with the actor very Frank dialogue. One of the main issues that has interested leading: why Maxim is not returned in the same weight category. Some time ago, he extremely lost weight for the role in the play “the Actor”. Matveev said: if his next role need to gain weight — he will do it. And while he feels comfortable, which is achieved by diet and yoga. “I feel much better physically!” — shared with Varenikami Maxim.

During the interview, Vadim shared his observation: Matveev so deeply immersed in the role that still can’t get out of it. Maxim with him partially agreed. He has long worked on a way for the “Kynaston” and eventually got used to it completely.

How does this dedication to family life? Matveyev says that does. Now, however, he parted with his wife — Elizabeth Boyar. The fact that the wife is filming in his native St. Petersburg, and Maxim continues to live in Moscow. Son Andrew went with mom to the Northern capital. The pair communicates with the help of correspondences, which to others may seem very strange, but for the star of the family are the absolute norm.

“I’m writing to her: “Today, everything is fine. Humiliate people. I bring to tears full of women (approx. ed — now Maxim is removed in the form of a psychologist). How are you?” She says to me: “Fine. I will now seduce young boys!” Here are our dialogues. We really laugh over it,” — said Maxim. Matveev, by the way, does not exclude that perhaps in the future will retire. Only recently, after a conversation with the psychologist-counselor, he realized that he chose the acting profession because of some childhood injuries, which did not want to talk on camera.