Максим Матвеев продолжает стремительно худеть
The actor shared important achievement.

Maxim Matveev

Photo: Instagram

Maxim Matveev, whose acting work in tandem with his wife Elizabeth
Boyarsky in the movie “Anna Karenina” recently praised the audience, spoke about
participation in international yoga festival. The forum of adherents of the yoga United
teachers from Russia, USA, France, Australia and Ukraine. A few days were
the more than 60 classes, many of whom attended the Maxim Matveev.

“It was superadded, knowledge, energy, mindfulness
and joy of communication”, — said the actor posted online a photograph in which holding a certificate. Meanwhile, fans of stars continue to be interested in,
if everything is in order with health details. In recent months, the actor dramatically
lost weight, although he never suffered from excess weight.

According to the actor, to dump “superfluous weight” needed for
one of the projects in which it plays two main roles. Matveev says, how fortunate for the artist, when there are projects in which
“evolve” and grow professionally.

Wife stars Elizaveta Boyarskaya, in turn,
interviews repeatedly talked about the fact that her husband is very attentive to
your diet: eat strictly at the specified time, carefully selects
products, and some do not drink at all.