Maxim Galkin will compete with Ivan Urgant

Максим Галкин посоревнуется с Иваном Ургантом
TV presenter found his “Alla micheev”.

Maxim Galkin, Yana Koshkina

Photo: Press service

Maxim Galkin is looking for a co-host on his new show on the First channel.
The announcement of the casting of the TV presenter has written in the usual witty manner. “Looking for
thoughts, wrote Maxim. — I wish the girl was feeling
humor, bold shapes and does not irritate my wife. Samples shall be conducted in
the program “Maximmaxim”!”

Auditioning for the role of co-host Maxim came Yana Koshkina. Spectacular
the girl immediately attracted the attention Galkin, and when she spoke, the showman, which not lost never, under any circumstances, so astonished that for a moment was speechless.

The voice and behavior of the girls was just like the famous
co-host Ivan Urgant. Moreover, as it turned out, Ian studied with Alla Mikheeva on the same course. “You
in Peter all talk like that? — Maxim was surprised. — No? Or you were one
teacher?” Yana Maxim played along and willingly depicted “fool” in the best
the tradition of the “Evening Urgant”.

Recall the show “Maximmaxim!” goes on the First channel in the spring of 2016. Alla Pugacheva almost
every week there sketch Comedy parody show. One of the most
memorable broadcast was the moment when the Diva undressed for filming. In the story, Alla lies in a bathtub covered in foam and calls Maxim. And Galkin appears before light
the sight of the wife (and the cameras) as Jack Sparrow.

The scene in the bathroom, like most of the sketches were filmed in the castle
Pugacheva and Galkin in the village of Mud, where they live with their children
three-year-old twins Lisa and Harry.