Maxim Galkin: “We are very well together”

Максим Галкин: «Нам очень хорошо вчетвером»

Every fan could become a guest at the party Divas through the film of the First channel “I like…” Alla Pugacheva”.

Served with Alla Borisovny tables, elegant tableware, luxurious interior, circle of relatives and friends. Among the guests according to the tradition, one is always a beginner. And here is the Diva, opens the balcony door with the exclamation: “Spring up!”

Each guest has its own history of relations with it, many Alla Borisovna at the time, supported, lent a shoulder and a vest, it’s been a while, but there were those that taught her life, once young and inexperienced girl. About Pugacheva: wife, friend, girlfriend, cousin, godfather, mother, singer, was told by those who know her well: Maxim Galkin, Igor Nikolaev, Dmitry Ivanov, Dima Bilan, Evgeny Mironov.

“Lord, all of us understand how deep and significant classical music, but rules light, because light music characterizes the era. Pugacheva and rules in light music, says her great friend, the satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky. The letters preserve the nation and keep the peace of the notes because the notes move across borders instantly. In light music of all need, without it can not live. People saw, cook steel under hypnotherapy. Alla’s voice remains in my ears forever. But at heart remains her scream – the scream of a woman. Because freedom is a woman, the youth is a woman, peace and not war is the woman, most importantly, the ability of love to the appearance of people on earth is a woman. The voice of Alla – this is the call of the women of our country… She lives how she likes it. A woman should be like this. Millions love her. Who wants, loves it. Other known insofar as they do have an attitude.”

“For 40 years it is considered literally under the microscope, and to live with such pressure is necessary to have an internal core, – says music critic Arthur Gasparyan. And she struggled with life, that lashed her cheeks, and sang about it. And then there was Maxim Galkin. And so immediately it was all good: the house and lawn, and a pond, and flowers. And she now sings”.

Let Alla crew of the First channel and into the Holy of holies – in the castle Maxim Galkin in the village of Mud. Sea of emotion caused a scene, where the happy couple play with the kids – son Harry and daughter Lisa – catch-up.

“We played well always been together, well now four. I think she had a peacefulness that was not there before. Alla participated in the education of not only her daughter but grandchildren, and what personalities they have grown – I find it reassuring. And I hope that our children Allah will not disgrace the honor of the family”, – said Maxim.

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