Maxim Galkin was opened to children details of the past

Максим Галкин открыл детям детали прошлого Lisa and Harry visited for the first time at the legendary concert hall in Jurmala. Yesterday evening there was a performance of Maxim Galkin, pleased the audience with a rousing numbers. Adorable kids delighted with the event.

A parodist and presenter Maxim Galkin is now in Jurmala together with his wife Alla Pugacheva and charming children Lisa and Harry. The heirs star couple love spending time with my parents. They are constantly teaching them something new. Recently, Galkin decided to take the kids for the performance, held in the concert hall “Dzintari” – one of “visiting cards” of the resort. In recognition of the Maxim, this place had a lot related.

“In 1989 I came to this hall with my parents to the concert Mikhail Zadornov. I still remember how sore belly from laughing. Ten years later, in 1999, I performed at the Dzintari concert hall in the concert Zadornov, with this performance I began touring with Mikhail in cities and villages. For the last 17 years I regularly, almost every year, are here with solo programs, consistently meeting the cordiality and unity of the public, and that Latvians and Russians, and tourists from different countries”, – said Galkin.

In his microblog showman said that Lisa and Harry visited for the first time at his speech. Apparently, they were delighted with the event. In the video posted on Instagram Galkin, brother and sister put on a big smile and look very happy. They are happy to nod along to the music and laughing at jokes star parent.

“Yesterday, 28 years after the fact, as in the “Dzintari” me to a concert Zadornov has led mom and dad, I first brought to your concert Garrick and Lisa,” said Maxim.

Fans of Maxim Galkin found that his children – the very charm. Video showman has caused a storm of emotions among his followers. “They’re so adorable”, “Bravo”, “baby miracle”, “Love”, “Lisa Belle and Harry’s incredibly good eye”, “Cool, done”, “the best support group dad”, “you Have a wonderful family”, “Amazing”, “Glorious”, is discussed in the Network.

Recall also that Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva has returned from the festival of “Heat” in Baku. Last Saturday in the capital of Azerbaijan hosted a recital of the prima Donna. To support the well-known singer came Filipp Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Jasmine, Emin, Ani Lorak, Alexander Panayotov, Inna Malikova and many others. Alla Pugacheva needed medical help in Baku