Maxim Galkin “walked” on Dmitry Nagiyev

Showman parodied a famous actor and TV presenter. Maxim Galkin has shared the video with followers on the social network. Fans thanked the comedian for what he lifted the mood with witty jokes.

Maxim Galkin spends time in Jurmala together with his family – wife Alla Pugacheva and children Lisa and Harry. The artist regularly takes a funny video with participation of charming heirs. But this time the parodist decided to make our own little movie, in which he made fun of celebrities touting a variety of products. Maxim believes that some famous person is literally born in order to convince buyers.

“And there are, for example, Viktoriya Bonya beautiful, well-groomed all the beauticians of the world. And she says, “my Dolls, I discovered a new cream, they can completely replace Botox”. Victoria, that you yourself believe that creams can replace Botox? So we do not believe! And if you need vpindyurit something that we don’t believe, connect Dima Nagiyev, he’ll sell it at a time. Say no to Botox! Cream “Fantasy Boni” – will smooth even the most important fold of skin on your body,” the parodied Galkin.

Followers were delighted with witty jokes and acting of the artist. They thanked Galkin for the fact that he raised them up. They also appreciated the appearance of comedian – he’s wearing an apron on the naked body. “What a witty person! And all so intelligent!”, “Class! He laughed heartily”, “Maxim, Yes, you are so sexy in this apron. Laugh, cool!”, “Maxim, you have a cosmic sense of humor! Thank you for giving such positive in our “perfect” life!” – wrote the user Network.

This is not the first movie, which was shot Maxim Galkin in the kitchen while washing dishes. Not so long ago, he criticized colleagues who are not shy to tell in the microblog of everything that’s going on in their lives, and complain.

“A little bit about the fatigue show. P. S. This does not mean that I believe public creative professions easy, on the contrary, it often happens that the heavy monotonous work easier to move than these seemingly “light” throwing on stage. I mean, is it necessary to ship the wrong difficulty in the majority of holiday-joyful social network?” – wrote Maxim.