Максим Галкин рассказал, как заботится о детях
The comedian shared his overflowing emotions with the fans.

Maxim Galkin

The children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva invariably
delight fans of this couple. However, there have twins Harry and Lisa and
a few haters. The main reasons which lead critics
are that any child would be precocious if it
parents have millions. Debaters forget that the money was earned
Pugacheva and Galkin. Not so long ago opened that part of income that
get Galkin, he spends on charity. Two years ago, he along with
friends opened in Odintsovo art centre for special children. It engaged
the creativity of children 2 to 18 years.

“In our “Dobrotolyubie”, whose founder
I am children with cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, mental delay
development and other features of the sculpt, draw, develop it, play
musical and theatrical studios — shared Maxim in the personal microblog. — All
absolutely free! I try not to talk loudly about charity, not
glow with good deeds, but today I went to our Dopatrium, looked
the works of these wonderful guys, and thought how great would it be if my subscribers
subscribe to our charity account. If you put “like”
under some post, our children will know what they hear, see
and love. My appeal of the spontaneous, the emotional, because I am overwhelmed
the heat from meetings with children, whose ability and mental strength ahead of their
the physical ability. Thanks in advance if you find a moment to love our
excellent pupils”.

Fans were overjoyed and promised to subscribe
on the microblogging “Dobrotolubye” “What you done, Maxim! What great you have
heart! Great work! And such a need!” — they wrote.