Maxim Galkin told how surrogacy has doomed his children

Максим Галкин рассказал, на что суррогатное материнство обрекло его детей
The daughter and son of the impressionist are in a delicate position.

Максим Галкин рассказал, на что суррогатное материнство обрекло его детей

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin children: Lisa and Harry

Photo: @maxgalkinru Instagram

Those who subscribed to the Maxim Galkin account in social networks know that the parodist often locates in his touching video, and photos with the children, which is in the “Pets” of two million users on the Network. But, when Lisa and Harry only came to light, Galkin intended to hide their children from fans. He recently revealed the truth about what influenced his decision to let strangers in their personal lives.

Maxim frankly admitted in an interview with Elena Sever, Lisa and Harry, born with the help of surrogate motherhood, from the early days was doomed to publicity. In the usual case it would be possible to hide from others that the children came to light in an unusual way, but Maxim and Alla Pugacheva such a scenario was from the beginning denied.

“They have an unusual fate, you know? Still, children who came from surrogacy, as a rule, remain anonymous: their environment and future peers will never know. In the case of my children or children of Philip they are already doomed to publicity, that is to discuss it all. Despite the fact that now it is becoming the norm, it still remains anonymous. Therefore, the children so there was never faced with the possible conviction and misunderstandings in their future life.

VIDEO: Breakfast Maxim Galkin with daughter Lisa blew Network

In fact, in this case we are dealing with, so to speak, the first such experience in our country. So I want to give them the opportunity to “plus start”. I want to show you them in all their glory is a wonderful children. Because this issue is, unfortunately, still a lot of denseness!” — Maxim has told in the program “the North. True stories”.