Maxim Galkin told about the rivalry between Harry and Lisa

Максим Галкин рассказал о соперничестве Гарри и Лизы The comedian was the guest of the program “Honestly”. Communicating with Yury Nikolaevym he admitted that his children are constantly competing with each other for the attention of parents. According to the actor, daughter has more wisdom, therefore, comes to terms with the brother.
Максим Галкин рассказал о соперничестве Гарри и Лизы

The children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva have become full-fledged stars, despite their young age. The commercials featuring Harry and Lisa, which puts a caring father on Instagram, always make a splash among fans. In these videos kids dance, sing and even write poems. Fans are confident that the heirs of the star pair have a natural artistry.

However, the Maxim in the “Honestly” told that the relationship between the children is difficult to name ideal. So, Harry is constantly trying to draw attention to themselves, and very jealous of the parents to the sister.

“Many members drew attention to the fact that Harry often sitting on my hands or on the shoulders, but it’s not that I love him more. Just the son so skillfully builds the situation that I have no other choice. Harry is jealous of us to Lisa. She was born a minute earlier, so wiser, often comes to terms with the brother”, – said Galkin.

The comedian also said that Lisa’s character more like a mother, but the son is exactly like him. The artist tries to have all the free time to spend in the neighborhood of heirs. Galkin confessed that indulges kids and almost never raises his voice at them.

“Our family is responsible for the severity of Alla. I can not be strict, as are touched with sex trafficking each their words or actions,” – said the happy father.

The conflicts in the star family, in recognition Galkina, also occur, but very rarely. Maxim admits that sometimes his wife to make concessions. He says that he is ready to do a lot to make her happy.

Famous husband is never offended by parodies and jokes of her husband, but tries to help him to improve the talent. “When I sing, and depict Alla, she says I’m doing it all wrong. Are too mannered. She corrects me, moving forward,” said the showman.

Fans believe that Galkin and Pugacheva are the perfect parents and their heirs are not deprived of creative talent. Maxim said that would not limit children if they want to continue the family tradition and become artists. Fans hope that someday Harry and Lisa will also set the stage on fire as their star parents.